Antonio Maura, Alfonso XIII’s forgotten reformist who tried to save Spain from its ghosts

Updated:21/11/2020 02:08h


With Maura, against Maura or around Maura. Thus, and only thus was politics made in the reign of Alfonso XIII according to a well-known expression of the time. Reformist, conservative, forceful, disciplined, cultured, tolerant man … the great qualifiers orbit, without ever colliding around this politician who tried to democratize Spain and save it unsuccessfully from its ghosts. The novel “A watercolor in Solórzano” (Almuzara), written by the lawyer and politician Fernando Maura, traces the trajectory and the troubles that the one who was five times president of the Minister council.

Two sentences summarize better than nothing this political journey full of curves: “the revolution made from above”, the motto that presided over its first


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