Anuel AA retires from music! Says goodbye with a new song

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Mexico City / 19.11.2020 17:15:23


¡Anuel withdraws from music! The famous and successful reggaeton Puerto Rican confirmed the rumors and with a song dedicated to his son, where he talks about the depression Y soledad going through despite fame, announces his goodbye in the next installment of the Grammys Latino.

Already in the last weeks, Anuel AA had given clues of his bad moment with Instagram stories where he was seen in bad condition, or phrases that worried their fans about something more serious. There was even talk of her possible break with Karol G, same information that the Colombian herself denied.

Now Anuel will dedicate himself to the family, has recently returned to Puerto Rico for the first time since he was released from prison and possibly his son will move in with him.

The singer of hits like ‘China”Keii’ O ‘Reguetonera’, has been one of the most successful artists in recent years. Only with 2 Studio albums, the singer managed to become the top 3 of the music in several popularity charts such as Bilboard.

With ‘Real Until Death’ Y ‘Emmanuel’, his two albums, managed to win 4 Premios Juventud, 3 Premios Bilboard, 3 Premios Lo Nuestro, 1 MVT Europe Music Awards, among other distinctions.


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