Anya Taylor-Joy is chosen as one of the 13 best actresses of 2020

For all its chaos, 2020 was not a year devoid of excellent Hollywood productions, as well as performances that drew critical acclaim. IndieWire share her list of the 13 best actresses of 2020, and if you want to know who heads this top, we recommend you keep reading.

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Swallow follows Hunter, a housewife who has an uncanny affinity for swallowing inedible products in response to her new life as the wife of a disinterested husband. In accordance with IndieWire, Haley Bennett she deserves to be recognized for what she achieves in the film using her chilling eyes: “We realize how someone can be led to such a thing by the way Hunter looks so longingly at a sparkling ice cup as bright as his own eyes. ”.

I think of the End – 90% it premiered on Netflix months ago and immediately managed to click with audiences. Jessie Buckley He took the palms for his portrayal of a woman contemplating ending her most recent courtship. IndieWire assures that “it conveys the inertia of being in a relationship that has passed its expiration date, and also the incandescent terror of realizing that it will not end by itself. It’s a performance that manages to be in the moment and out of it at the same time (…) We have never seen anything like it, and yet it seems like Buckley is just getting started ”.

Viola Davis renders an excellent performance of the famous singer Ma Rainey in the new Netflix movie. Critics assure that the actress manages to do justice to The Mother of Blues – 100%, and for the first time in 30 years of career, presents a different performance, outside the stereotypes of “mom and maid.”

The film, inspired by the sexual abuse perpetuated by Harvey Weinstein, follows Jane through a full day’s work, while her boss engages in inappropriate behavior against a young woman who has just been hired. The interpretation of Julia Garner She is described as calm, but intense: “she doesn’t need big monologues or statements to deliver her silent but powerful performance. His face says it all, and it’s fascinating to see the horrors unfolding around him through his watchful eyes. “

Pieces of a Woman – 80% presents the story of a young mother who is devastated by the premature death of her newborn baby. Vanessa Kirby She is praised for her performance and critics predict we will see her shine in the next awards season.

In Nomadland – 100%, Frances McDormand plays Fern, a widow in her 60s who is forced to lead a life on the road after losing everything in the last major economic crisis. As it has done in the past, the actress is already in the sights for the next installment of the Oscars. Critics assure that “the proud and tanned face” of his character manages to capture the spirit of a lifestyle that thousands of people in the United States have.

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The famous The invisible man – 90% is recognized for her two great performances of 2020: The Invisible Man and Shirley. Despite the fact that these two films could not be more different, the list assures that the actress “shows that she is a masterful mix of genres: she can do the cultured, vulgar, fill in the dark edges with happy fun.”

Cassey is bright and bold, but she is forced to lead a double life after an unexpected event thwarts her plans. This black comedy with a very relevant theme these days, could not have had a better protagonist. Carey Mulligan one of his best and most twisted performances of his career is recognized in Promising Young Woman.

Amanda Seyfried does justice to Marion Davies in Lack – 90%, the new film of David Fincher. According to the list, “Seyfried’s performance embodies the best of [la película] as it’s an old-school Hollywood performance with enough nuances of added humanity to make the character feel contemporary. “

Before he delighted the Netflix audience in Lady’s Gambit – 93%, Anya Taylor-Joy showed how talented she is in Emma. – 90%. Critics assure that in both productions, “Taylor-Joy’s cymbal eyes and toothy smile convey intelligence and sensual possibility.”

Endowed with such a skewed understanding of the world that she can barely interact with it, Evan Rachel Wood interpret in Kajillionaire – 95% “A clumsy, lanky character who avoids eye contact and stumbles across fragments of thoughts with a robotic gaze,” until the arrival of a new person in her life changes her completely. “She is the engine of the entire movie, as she plays someone who ‘knows nothing about tender feelings’ and shrinks into her body by default, at least until she learns a new way.”

The star of Black Panther – 90% she is hailed for her portrayal of Althea Jones-LeCoint, a young woman who raises her voice against the racist police in Trinidad and Tobago. Criticism assures that Letitia Wright in Mangrove “He makes a compelling case that resonates through the ages, turning what could easily become a teaching paper into a timeless and profound tribute to change.”

Yuh-Jung Youn, a veteran South Korean actress, is the emotional core of Threatening, a film in which she plays an unconventional elderly matriarch who supports a family of immigrants. Despite the quirkiness of her role, the Best Actresses list praises her for her performance: “She is a classically eccentric grandmother and hardly a warm caretaker, but her biting sense of humor and no-nonsense style overshadow that. Youn makes it all very credible, never falling for the cartoon or the expected, and making his way through a career full of such loaded choices.

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