‘AORUS 17G XD’, a professional gaming laptop that enjoys high-end games without compromise

The sharpness of the frame and picture quality is different when the game is running. A graphics card is important to stably running multi-tasking tasks such as broadcasting and video editing as well as high-end games. In other words, if you have a laptop with a good graphics card, you can enjoy AAA-level games anywhere.

So, what kind of laptop should you buy if you want to comfortably enjoy AAA-level games anywhere? A display that displays games smoothly, a keyboard with good key feel, and excellent thermal management to help you play for a long time are important, and the Gigabyte AORUS 17G XD is suitable for these conditions.

The reason why the Gigabyte gaming laptop Aus is highly rated is because it has the know-how and technology accumulated over 30 years in the main components of PCs, such as motherboards and graphics cards. GIGABYTE AORUS 17G XD was created based on such technology.

The graphics card is Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070. The RTX 30 series is based on Nvidia’s second-generation RTX architecture, Ampere, and features new RT cores, tensor cores, and streaming multiprocessors. It provides excellent graphics with ray tracing and AI functions.

The finish is precisely machined by applying aluminum CNC cutting technology. A sturdy hinge is fitted for the large 17.3-inch display. High refresh rate of 300Hz, 300nit brightness, 100% sRGB support, and 89% screen-to-body ratio (3mm bezel on three sides) adds a sense of immersion to gaming and work environments.

Also, there is no need to purchase a separate mechanical keyboard. The Aorus 17G XD is already equipped with a mechanical keyboard. Equipped with a mechanical keyboard developed in cooperation with OMRON, a world-class gaming switch company, the AORUS 17G XD has excellent typing feel. With the unique feel of the Omron Switch, you can focus more on the game. Gigabyte’s unique heat control solution ‘Windforce Infinite Cooling System’ was applied to catch heat.

For detailed information and purchase inquiries about the GIGABYTE AORUS 17G XD laptop, visit the GIGABYTE Naver Store and the GIGABYTE Laptop Customer Support Center.

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