Apartment where Héctor Sandarti stayed on fire

Héctor Sandarti He posted a message that alarmed his followers.

In a video, the Guatemalan reported that there was a fire in the apartment where he was staying during his vacation in Cancún.

“I decided to make this video very quickly just to calm the rumors a bit about what happened to my family and me here in Cancun, the apartment where we have been for several days caught fire,” he said.

“This is the laundry area, there was a short circuit in this part … where the fuses were and all that and the fire reached the ceiling and came out through the cracks, this indicated to the neighbors that there was a fire, we we had just left, 10 minutes before this started, luckily we weren’t there, “he added Sandarti.

Hector He said that this happened at 10:30 in the morning.

Fortunately, the relief forces arrived on time and with the help of the building administration they managed to put out the flames.

Many fans showed their solidarity for the scare that the family brought.

For a few days, the Sandarti have been on vacation in Quintana Roo, the Guatemalan affirmed the importance of activating the economy, especially in the places that live most of the tourism, and that they are taking all precautions.

The Guatemalan posted some photos on the beach with his two loves: his wife and his stepdaughter.

“God save them and protect them”, noted a fan, “A bathroom with rue, what bad luck,” wrote one user.




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