Apex Industrial Estate established Accepting investments in EEC, expected to spread 6.4 billion baht.

Apex Industrial Estate established Accepting investments in EEC, expected to spread 6.4 billion baht.

Date 29 Jun 2021 time 11:50

Board of I-EA-T approved the establishment of a new industrial estate in the EEC, drawing ‘Apex Park’ to manage the area Welcome S-Curve and New S-Curve investors, expecting to generate more than 6.4 billion baht of investment in the country, employing 16 thousand more people.

Mr. Veerit Amrapal, Governor of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) revealed that the meeting of the I-EA-T Board (I-EA-T Board) approved the establishment of a new industrial estate by cooperating with the Company. Apex Park Co., Ltd. in the form of a joint industrial estate This is to increase the area to accommodate investment in the EEC area with the expansion of the target industries S-Curve and New S-Curve and industries that are promoted according to the Eastern Special Development Zone project by the private sector as investors and developers. Provide utility system services under the supervision of I-EA-T

For the project to establish the Apex Green Industrial Estate, located in Hua Samrong Subdistrict. and Plaeng Yao Sub-district, Plaeng Yao District, Chachoengsao Province Area of ​​approximately 2,191 rai by the location of the project Away from Suvarnabhumi Airport about 80 km (km), Laem Chabang Commercial Port, about 100 km, U-Tapao Airport, about 120 km, and about 130 km from Map Ta Phut Industrial Port.

It is also about 10 km. away from Gateway City Industrial Estate and 50 km. from Amata City Chonburi Industrial Estate. The project area is a Don area with no risk of flooding. As for the project, the area is divided into general industrial areas, approximately 1,600 rai, and utility areas. The green area and the buffer line are approximately 591 rai. It is expected that the entire area will be developed and opened within 2 years.

After opening the operation, it will create an investment value of approximately 64 billion baht, resulting in the employment of approximately 16,000 people in the metal products manufacturing industry, machinery and transportation equipment. Electrical and Electronics Industry Agriculture and agricultural products with low water demand light industry Service and Utilities Industry High-Tech Industrial Development Group and industrial groups that are promoted by projects in the EEC area

“This project responds to the government’s EEC area development policy. that has laid infrastructure in public utilities such as high-speed trains connecting 3 airports, U-Tapao Airport, Eastern Aviation City Laem Chabang Port Phase 3 Map Ta Phut Industrial Port Phase 3 by influencing investment and development of target industries S-Curve and New S-Curve. transport network connection And infrastructure, the company is ready, has a customer base and has experience in doing business. It is expected that the project will be successful as well,” said Mr. Weris.


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