Apex Legends good luck in bad luck!! The Thai team was sponsored by the new agency. But the two main players, the unlucky ones, didn’t go because VISA didn’t pass.

Wednesday 29 June B.E. 2022 19:18 minutes 14 seconds Indochina time

Back in the beginning of June, we had the opportunity to present about athletes. Apex Legends from the team Lightning Unicorn Announcing a new agency to support them to compete in the biggest show in the show ALGS: 2022 Championship with both 40 Teams from around the world to compete for a total prize pool of more than $2,000,000 which friends can read more details atthis article

Recently, it seems that there is good news coming to them. because there was a late reporter Esports and games from Thailand like Subzidite Has revealed that there are pictures from the registration page of the website Battlefy Has come out to open a new agency under the name Buriram United Esports Which is one of the giants in Thailand that seems to have decided to officially support them. And within the team, there has been a slight change in the list of players which consist of

  • Lalab4ng
  • Appraiser former player from Magic Esport
  • Okie former player from Magic Esport and Inside The Ring

For the reason that the player has been modified It was because two old players like G0PGAP and JackCute that do VISA not passing through, making the way Lalab4ng must urgently find two new players to replace and even though there were two new players coming in and yet another challenge Which would probably be a matter of their compatibility and how quickly they can tune in together, we’ll have to wait and see.

It is a pity that they are unable to bring the whole team together. But even then, they had to move on. must come together to help and continue to cheer them on Finally, the competition ALGS: 2022 Championship will officially start from 7 July – 10 July Let’s see how great they will perform. We have to wait to see each other again.

Buriram United Esports Lineup

  • Nattakit ” Lalab4ng “Sugar
  • Thanakorn ” Appraiser “Ruckapunmaetree (temporary reserve)
  • “Phudit” Okie ” Suthanyaphruet (temporary reserve)
  • Nitipath” G0PGAP “Puangpaiboon ( not pass VISA )
  • Chaiyarit” JackCute ” Saijung ( not pass VISA )

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