Apex Legends Mobile is the most downloaded iOS game in 60 countries, including India: Report

Apex Legends Mobile seems to be the most downloaded game on App Store in 60 countries including UK, India, Germany, UK, Japan, etc. The game has also quickly climbed into the ranks among the top 10 iPhone games downloaded in 89 countries. A localized version of Apex Legends Mobile was released in Macau and Hong Kong, which became the most downloaded iOS app on launch day as well. In India, Apex Legends Mobile abandoned Battlegrounds Mobile India, becoming the best free game on the App Store. It’s no surprise to see Apex Legends Mobile incredibly popular at launch. Apex Legends has a huge player base on PC and console, many of which were eager to try out the mobile version.

Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile is a shooting game that lets you choose a character from its ever-growing list. Each character comes with a unique set of abilities that offer a tactical advantage in firefights. The game also introduced a mobile-exclusive character called Fade, as well as the new perks system. The mobile-only perks system allows you to unlock finishers and upgrade each character’s existing abilities. Apex Legends Mobile currently has a limited number of game modes and maps. It is likely that developer Respawn has already planned a lot of new content for the game including game modes, maps, legends, events, and cosmetics.

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