‘Apex Legends’ new season opening also reports one after another such as ‘Ability Abekobe Bug’ and ‘Aim Assist is strange’ | Game * Spark-domestic and overseas game information site

Electronic Arts is a game developed by Respawn Entertainment.Apex LegendsSeason 14 of “Hunted” was delivered. However, various problems and phenomena have been reported along with it.

In this season, a new legend, “Vantage” will participate. He is a powerful legend who can read enemy information and use his bat partner to move quickly. In addition, updates such as the revival of Skull Town with a different appearance and name on Kings Canyon, the oldest map, have also been made.Weapons and legends have also been adjusted, so please check for details.past articlesplease look at.

However, with the start of the new season, various glitches and strange phenomena have been reported. One of the phenomena reported on Reddit and others is that the abilities of legends become uneven. This phenomenon is a strange glitch that causes Newcastle to activate decoys like Mirage, and Caustic to fly in the sky like Valkyrie.

again,TwitterThen there is also a report that “Aim assist is strange”. There is also the theory that the PC and console versions of the aim assist settings have been swapped, giving players who are using a controller on the PC version an advantage. Many users are puzzled by these phenomena, and some seem to have developed into intense discussions about controllers and keyboards and mice.

The chaotic “Apex Legends” new season “Hunted” is available now.It should be noted that the ability phenomenon is currentlyReport as a known issueIt has been.

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