Apolda (Thuringia): This man wanted to kill a police officer! – Thuringia

Erfurt – The man (39) is brought in handcuffs to the Erfurt district court. Shortly thereafter, the judge sends him into custody. The charge: attempted murder! The 39-year-old is said to have run over a policeman!

► Review: last Thursday, 10 p.m. A patrol car crew wants to control a VW in Apolda, but the driver flees. He races over several red traffic lights and goes on a wild chase with the police.

Finally the VW is stopped. When a policeman (38) approaches from behind, the driver engages in reverse and hits the officer. He falls to the ground and tries to crawl to the side.

Am Tatort sicherten Kollegen des verletzten Beamten die SpurenPhoto: Johannes Krey

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Colleagues from the injured officer secured the tracks at the scenePhoto: Johannes Krey

But the brutal driver resets and drives across the policeman’s legs! Then he accelerates and escapes. The seriously injured comes to the hospital – emergency surgery!

Two days later, a police patrol discovered the amokraser on foot in the street and arrested him. Police spokeswoman Steffi Kopp: “Since 2009 there have been reports against the accused of driving without a license. It had been taken from him for drug use. Also because of resistance to law enforcement officers and assault. “

Now he’s finally behind bars!


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