Apollo, missions to the Moon (Disney +), the breathtaking adventure of American astronauts in full

The Disney + platform invites us to have our heads in the stars thanks to this ultra-comprehensive documentary which looks back on the adventure that allowed 12 Americans to set foot on lunar soil.

It is an incredible adventure which is at the heart of the excellent documentary “Apollo, missions to the Moon” now available on the platform Disney +. An adventure that arises not only from a race for the stars initiated by the Cold War between the United States and the former USSR, but which also arises from the will of a man, a young American President (Kennedy not to name it) who gave his nation the objective of making a man walk on the star closest to our good old Earth.

Kennedy as a lunar visionary

Visionary, JFK no doubt it was. Unfortunately he will not see the outcome of his dream since he is assassinated in 1963 while the program Apollo (which must carry out this “colonization” of the Moon) is still in its infancy. So, I can already hear some of you grumble: “Oh but we already know everything about this adventure.” Of course, they are not wrong, but if this documentary is frankly worth the detour, it is above all because it offers truly new images: of preparation of the various astronauts, audio recordings, shots on the Moon etc. never seen or heard before! Yes Yes ! And it’s a space conquest fan who assures you!

Rich and well documented

So here is an ultra-complete and accurate documentary that recounts this lunar conquest from the entire Mercury preparatory program (and the emergence of the first astronauts) to this fabulous odyssey. And nothing is spared us. Not even the terrible accident of Apollo 1 (in which three astronauts perished in the fire of the command module) which almost put a serious premature end to this astral conquest. Not even the stress of the first moon landing in July 1969, fortunately mastered by Armstrong and Aldrin who were then the first to tread the lunar gray ground.

Also put forward the trivialization of this space program and the slow disinterest of the population. A program that has a brief start only to the troubles of the expedition Apollo 13 experienced live by the whole world (the astronauts almost never came back to Earth). Finally, if the documentary concludes on the end of the program Apollo in December 1972, however, it opened on the novelties of recent years and on the next conquest of Mars. Always an eye towards the stars!

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