Apparently only the Pro version of the Redmi K40 will use the Snapdragon 888

The presentation of Redmi’s new top-of-the-line equipment will not be long in coming, and every day there is more evidence that the device will be released soon, and new details about its specifications and even its versions.

Today, with the presentation of Snapdragon 870, information has come to light from China that tells us that this new processor will be in the Redmi K40, in addition to several Motorola smartphones and even OnePlus.

That means that only the Pro version of the Redmi K40 would be involved with the Snapdragon 888, a processor that is not getting good reviews due to its overclocking in the Xiaomi Mi 11 and the IQOO7.

If the rumor is true, then it would not be strange that we find more than two versions of the Redmi K40 either, so you have to be aware of new leaks.

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