Apparently, Ruben Onsu often sends money to Andika Kangen’s ex-wife

Chairunnisa, ex-wife of Andika Kangen Band. Photo:, JAKARTAAndika Mahesa bluntly said that his ex-wife, Chairunissa alias Caca, always received monthly money transfers from Ruben Onsu.

Not surprisingly, Ruben Onsu was immediately shocked and disappointed to hear the news that Caca was arrested by the police for drugs.

“Ruben always gave money without him knowing what the money was used for,” said Andika Mahesa, when met in the Kuningan area, South Jakarta, Thursday (11/2).

“What is clear is that Ruben has done good,” continued the man known as Babang Tamvan.

According to the vocalist of Kangen Band, Ruben is very worried about Andika and Caca’s children.

“When Caca had a problem yesterday, he (Ruben, red) called first. “Welcome your child,” said Andika.

Ruben’s concern and kindness were not only for Caca. When Andika was positive for Covid-19, Ruben also provided support.

“No matter how hard I have problems outside, Ruben Onsu must be the first to call me,” he concluded. (jlo / jpnn)

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