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Apple announces the 2021 App Store Award winners list, “League of Legends: Fighting Canyon” and other works have been affirmed

Apple today (2) announced the winners of the 2021 App Store Award, praising 15 best apps and games, helping users discover their personal passions, explore channels for creativity, meet new friends, have new experiences, and have fun. This year’s winners include developers from all over the world. The apps and games they develop have won the favor of Apple’s global App Store editorial team, affirming their excellent quality, innovative technology, creative design and positive cultural influence.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said: “The developers who won the App Store Awards in 2021 give full play to their motivation and vision, bringing us the best apps and games of the year, and inspiring the creativity and enthusiasm of millions of users around the world. From self-learning From talented program editors to inspiring global business leaders, these outstanding developers use Apple technology to innovate, and the efforts of many of them help to create a deep sense of cohesion, which is what we need this year.”

Apple said that this year’s best apps and games provide an extraordinary experience on various Apple devices. Ten years after its debut on the App Store, “Toca Life World” continues to subtly embody the art of children’s play and self-expression. The developers behind the scenes of “DAZN” select sports cultures from all over the world and show them to audiences around the world; “Carrot Weather” brings first-class weather forecasts and witty and playful Tucao characters to users’ wrists. “LumaFusion” makes film editing faster, easier, and more portable, so that creators of all levels can get started; “Craft” uses a notebook with infinite functions to achieve efficiency and artistic sense with creativity. “League of Legends: Fighting Canyon》、《MARVEL future revolution》、《Myst》、《Space Marshals 3“And Apple Arcade’s “‎FANTASIAN“The stunning graphics and rich storyline in “brings players of all ages into an immersive gaming experience.

2021 App Store Award Winners List


  • IPhone App of the Year: “Toca Life World”, developer Toca Boca
  • IPad App of the Year: “LumaFusion”, developed by LumaTouch
  • Mac App of the Year: “Craft”, developed by Luki Labs Limited
  • Apple TV App of the Year: “DAZN”, developed by DAZN Group
  • Apple Watch App of the Year: “Carrot Weather”, developed by Grailr


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  • Mac Game of the Year: “Myst”, developer Cyan
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  • Apple Arcade Game of the Year: “FANTASIAN“, developer Mistwalker
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Trends for 2021: Contact

In addition to praising the best apps and games on Apple devices, Apple’s global App Store editorial team also publishes annual trends. This is to discover trends that continue to affect people’s lives, and to praise outstanding apps and games that fit this trend. The annual trend in 2021 is “connection.” This year’s trend winners brought people together in a meaningful way to meet the social, personal and professional needs of users around the world.

  • Among Us!”, developer InnerSloth
    Among Us! “Through small-scale competitions that combine cooperation and competition, users can show their eloquence and listen intently in the process of bickering, bluffing, and teamwork, thereby building a loyal player community.
  • “Bumble”, developed by Bumble Inc.
    “Bumble” has added and enhanced its features to match users who want to date, make friends, and expand their contacts in the workplace. At the same time, it encourages women to open conversations.
  • “Canva”, the developer Canva
    “Canva” provides simple and elegant design tools and stunning templates, allowing professionals, students, job seekers, community leaders and all kinds of teams to display their innovative spirit and easily turn their design ideas into reality.
  • “EatOkra”, developed by Anthony Edwards Jr. and Janique Edwards
    “EatOkra” has established a solid user-led guide for more than 11,000 black-run restaurants, helping people use the power of food to devote their efforts to the community.
  • “Peanut”, developed by Peanut App Limited
    “Peanut” through the introduction of voice dialogues hosted by experts, covering various topics such as pregnancy, menopause, emotional relationships and self-care, establishes a true and sincere dialogue space for every stage and aspect of women’s lives.

Officials say that for more than a decade, Apple has grandly praised outstanding apps and games at the end of each year. Since last year, in order to pay tribute to the influence of the award-winning development team, Apple designers have carefully created a physical App Store Award trophy for each winner. The design of the trophies is inspired by the iconic blue icon of the App Store. Each trophy is made of 100% recycled aluminum with the same materials as Apple products, with the App Store logo engraved on one side and the winner’s name on the other side.

For more information about the apps and games praised in this year’s App Store Awards, please visit the App Store.


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