Apple bought Scout FM, which turns podcasts into radio stations

Apple once again took out its checkbook to afford a small business, in this case Scout FM. It was a fairly popular app on iOS and Android (as well as on the Alexa platform) that allowed you to listen to podcasts like a radio. Rather than selecting a podcast to listen to, Scout FM offered stations (news, sports, movies, etc.) made up of a selection of podcasts related to a particular interest.

With the help of a boost from its artificial intelligence and listening habits, this app was able to determine the listener’s interests in order to refine the content of the stations. A rather interesting idea, and we can imagine what Apple could get from it in its own Podcasts app, and also in CarPlay.

This acquisition, confirmed by Apple, comes in a context where Spotify relies heavily on podcasts to distinguish itself from the competition from Apple Music and other streaming services. The rumor has repeatedly spoken of Apple’s renewed interest in podcasts – a technology pioneered by him – but with the exception of a handful of shows like Apple News Today, Apple Store dating or l’Oprah’s Book Club, the effort has been modest so far.


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