Apple closes stores again. Fear that the crowd is looting them for him

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Last weekend, some Apple stores also became members of the robbery during demonstrations in the USA. At the same time, the company has opened relatively recently after the situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic began to improve. Two msce was introduced. Due to the risk that the company’s employees might be looted in the event of further looting, Apple decided to close the shops in the endangered location again.

Apple records damaged and looted stores in Portland, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Charleston, Washington D.C., Scottsdale, and San Francisco. Some stores in these locations will open again this week, others will remain temporarily closed.

In Minneapolis, from where protests spread to the rest of United States, one of Apple’s stores is currently barricaded by planks. This was preceded by two waves of looting, the first wooden barire after the first flow was torn down by protesters and the trade was looted for the second time. Now passers-by comment on the fact that this store is probably the most thoroughly barricaded city far and wide.

You can’t see the situation in Portland, where a crowd of protesters run out of the Apple Store with stolen iPhones and iMacs. As much as possible to rob the net, the fact is that Apple has been on display for day-to-day security, and this device has functionality limited to the store’s interior. If someone takes them out of the store, they will basically only be happy with the designs.

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