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(Newly added: Taiwan Railways responded that the control door has been closed and is expected to be completed in two months)

The 100-year-old Changhua Railway Station has secret passages and has become a breach in epidemic prevention! Readers complained to “Apple News” that because all public places are controlled at the third level of security, there is a secret passage directly to the platform at the Changhua Railway Station. The entrance to the passage has been uncontrolled for more than half a year, and there is no one to check tickets, and no one is there. Measuring body temperature on site, let alone implementing a real-name system, is like a breach in epidemic prevention. The reporter directly hit four young people with backpacks to break into the passage, and no one stopped them. It was indeed a breach of epidemic prevention.

Wang Hejie, head of the Changhua Railway Station, pointed out that the passage is a passage for electric and electrical employees, and non-Taiwan Railway employees are not allowed to enter. He appealed to the public not to enter by mistake and notify relevant units to strengthen control. Changhua County Health Director Ye Yanbo said that if people have questions about epidemic prevention or find that they do not comply with epidemic prevention regulations, they can directly call the epidemic prevention hotline 1922 for treatment.

Changhua Railway Station is the intersection and passenger transfer station for the mountain and sea lines of the western Taiwan Railway. It is also the transfer point for long-distance train drivers, locomotives and train conductors. Near the station area is the Changhua Locomotive Depot. It has a central commuter tandem car maintenance base, and there is also the only fan-shaped garage in Taiwan. The station has about 20,000 people entering and leaving the station every day before the outbreak. It is a Taiwan Railway First-class station.

Passengers entering and leaving the busy Changhua Railway Station, but for many years there is a secret passage that can avoid the entry gate and reach the platform! The complainant said that local residents all know the secret passage, and the entrance is on Heping Road in Changhua City, which is at the turn of the alley diagonally across from Chengmei Hospital. The passage has been uncontrolled around the clock since at least last year, and the first platform of Changhua Railway Station is at the end of the passage.

The complainant said that they arrived at the platform through a secret channel. The point is that the platform is completely uncontrolled around the clock, which means that someone wants to evade fares. They can walk from the secret channel all the way to the platform without any control unless they get on the train. Was checked. Now that the country is under three-level alert due to the epidemic, this uncontrolled secret passage shows the insensitivity of Taiwan and the serious mismanagement. If the epidemic breaks, the country will pay how much social costs.

“Apple News” visited the site for several days and found that although there is an iron gate at the entrance of the passage, the iron gate is open. Occasionally, people enter and exit by motorcycle or drive. The length of the passage is about 250 meters long. There is another railway door that is not closed, and the entrance of the passage is equipped with a monitor, and a notice board set up by Taiwan Railways clearly informs that the passage is only for use by Taiwan Railway employees and non-Taiwan Railway employees are not allowed to enter.

After entering the passage, one can find that there is a track on one side of the passage and a row of houses on the other. After inquiring about the local people, it was found that the office buildings and warehouses of the Taiwan Railways in this place were all employees of the Taiwan Railways.

“Apple” arrived at the secret passage at around noon on the 5th, and went in smoothly. Occasionally I saw people riding motorcycles passing by, and from a distance I saw four young people with backpacks walking into the railway station. The reporter hurriedly followed up with the iron gate of the platform to ask questions. Four people had already walked towards the platform, but then they did not know where they were going. It was impossible to know whether the four were passengers or employees of the Taiwan Railways.

Reporters randomly questioned passengers at Changhua Railway Station. Most passengers said they were unaware of the existence of secret passages. When the reporter prompted the direction of the passage, a passenger commuting by train said that he had seen someone get off the train and walked from the platform to the direction of the passage. Now that he can go out, he can come in. If there is no one in the passage Standing guard control is indeed a breach of epidemic prevention during the epidemic.

Employees of the Changhua Electric Power Section said that the passage is only for Taiwan Railway staff to enter and exit, and it already exists when the office building is set up. If the passage is closed, it will take an extra 1, 20 minutes to detour.

In addition to the power section and the electrical service section, the units entering and exiting the site also have personnel from the locomotive depot and track maintenance. About 100 people enter and exit the corridor every day. For the epidemic prevention part, temperature measurement and actual connection are set at the entrance of the office. The personnel of other units are controlled by their respective units.

The power section personnel pointed out that the iron gate at the entrance of the passage has been damaged for a long time, but there are monitors in the area. If a suspicious person enters, there is a pipeline to track down.

After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic last year, a unit once proposed to control the iron gate at the entrance, but because no passengers were found to enter by mistake, only the employees of Taiwan Railways usually entered and exited, and the coordination was not available. Therefore, no special arrangements have been made for manpower to be there. Stationed.

Changhua Railway Station Director Wang Hejie said that the channel has existed for a long time, and the power supply and the internal staff of the electric service have been used. In terms of control and management, relevant units were invited to coordinate in the middle of last year. It is open, but there are signs to remind the public that non-Taiwan Railway employees do not enter. Next to the passage is the office area of ​​the electric power section.

Wang Hejie pointed out that he has heard passengers getting off the corridor by mistake, but has not yet encountered passengers entering the platform from the corridor. If they encounter them, they will first measure their body temperature and supplement the system before reminding the passengers of the corridor. It is only used by Taiwan Railway staff, and then ask passengers to purchase tickets from the station and enter the platform to board the train. If a passenger is caught evading the fare, in addition to making up the ticket, the passenger may also be involved in the crime of fraud under the Criminal Law. The small loss is not worth the loss.

Huang Hejie pointed out that on one side of the corridor is the junction with Changhua Station, Taipei, and the other side is the junction between the bureau’s power and electrical service units and the road outside. Inside the passage is the office area of ​​the power and electrical service units. The Changhua Station of Taiwan Railways has noticed last year. The passage control and epidemic prevention issues, therefore, set up a control gate at the junction of the Lianwai and the road as a separation.

After the control door failed at the beginning of the year, the power unit issued a contract for repair together with the seismic reinforcement project in March. After the Taroko accident in early April, the project was suspended. Last week, the railway bureau and this bureau completed a meeting and agreed to resume work. The estimated construction period is Completed in two months.

Wang Hejie said that at present the bureau has closed the access control door, unlocked the door when employees use it, and also activated video recording, calling on the general public not to enter the premises as an office at will. If they have not purchased a ticket, they have not gone through relevant epidemic prevention measures, such as taking their body temperature. When entering the station area, such as real-link system, wearing masks, etc., the railway police will be assisted to transfer the investigation office.

Before the outbreak of the epidemic, Changhua Railway Station had an average of 20,000 people entering and leaving the station every day. However, Wang Hejie said that after the outbreak of the local epidemic, the number of people entering and leaving the station fell in an avalanche, leaving only about 1 in 10, or about 2,000 people a day. It was not until the end of June that the number of people climbed from the bottom, especially on Friday, when the number of people entering and leaving the station had exceeded 5,000. This shows that as the epidemic slows down, the number of people using public transportation has increased.

Health Director Ye Yanbo said that if people find any problems that do not meet the epidemic prevention regulations, they can immediately call the 1922 epidemic prevention hotline to respond. The county government has different divisions of labor, and the police will also cooperate with relevant treatments. The epidemic prevention must be regulated by laws and regulations. There must also be awareness that a small number of people may be lax and overlooked. If the public finds out, someone will be there to deal with it after the 1922 line is called, and they will first remind and request improvement. If they still do not comply, they will be fined. (Reported by Sun Yingzhe / Changhua)


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