Apple does not recommend bitter coated batteries

If you need to replace the battery in your AirTags, do not use a bitter battery designed to avoid being swallowed by a child.

Coating is not compatible

And it’s Apple who says it, in an update to its page dedicated to replacing the battery of the Bluetooth tracker. Indeed, according to the Cupertino company, these bitter-tasting batteries are not fully compatible.

Depending on the alignment of the coating to the battery contacts, CR2032 bitter coated batteries may not work with AirTag and other battery powered products.”, Explains the company.

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If you are afraid that your child will open your AirTags and swallow the battery, you will need to be more vigilant. The problem is in any case taken seriously, especially in Australia, where the “Australian Competition and Consumer Commission” has looked into the subject.

The commission warned parents about the risk posed by the battery and the small size of the AirTag in general. The Australian chain Officeworks had also withdrawn the product from its shelves. For its part, the apple brand indicates that its tags are not designed for children or animals.

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