Apple expected to sell just 100,000 headsets in 2023, says TrendForce

2023-05-24 20:16:35

Perhaps one of the biggest news that could be announced at WWDC23 is the highly speculated virtual/augmented reality headset and Apple, supposedly in development for a few years. After several rumors and estimates, we have a new projection that may be important to adjust expectations regarding the results and reception of the possible new product.

Em an analysis on the VR/AR headset market in 2023, consulting firm TrendForce said the segment is expected to see a decline in sales this year. Among the reasons for this are the high prices of the products, which should motivate the manufacturers of these devices to bet on new sales strategies and the development of more accessible options.

With regard to Apple, projections state that the headset to be launched by the company should be aimed primarily at developers, which will mean more robust specifications and, at the same time, an increase in costs for this category of devices. Combining these issues with problems with production, the new device should be predominantly in pre-sales this year.

Thus, for TrendForce, only 100 thousand units of the device are expected to be sold this year, with a total production estimated at 300 mil headsets. It is worth remembering that the product should arrive at a price that is not very affordable (US$3-5 thousand), precisely because it is still the first generation of a device that had a high development cost and has a high production cost.

From last year to now, these headset sales estimates have been decreasing, having already gone from 1 million, as you remembered the MacRumorsbut also gone to 900 mil (from the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo) and more recently to 500 milby the journalist Mark Gurmanyes Bloomberg. It can be inferred that the new product, if it is actually launched, will not be a great sales success — at least at first.

TrendForce’s projection also shows that the VR/AR market will encounter limitations between 2023 and 2025 due to issues such as the low profit margin, discouraging manufacturers from investing in the area. Only after 2025, it may be possible to observe an annual growth of 40% in this segment.

Let’s wait!

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