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Apple finally updates its open source site

It is not the web destination that we think of first when we talk about Apple, but it is nonetheless very important: the site Open Source manufacturer has benefited from a winter cleaning, with a new interface that is more welcoming and above all, more in line with current design standards! There was a great need for it.

Developers will be able to find all of the projects open-source from Apple (from Swift to WebKit, via CareKit and Password Manager Resources) and those in which engineers from the firm actively participate (Kubernetes, LLVM / Clang, Spark…).

The site provides also the open-source code for iOS and macOS (it stops at iOS 14.7 and macOS 11.5 at the moment), developer tools and OS X Server, which are accessible on GitHub. The search functions, comparison between different versions and navigation have been improved.


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