Apple is considering paid Podcasts + service

Apple is in talks with production companies to create a subscription-based podcast service, the site understands. The Information. But the manufacturer is still considering the relevance of launching this new platform; if this were the case, it could find a small place within the bouquet of Apple One subscriptions (and also be offered solo, we imagine).

This new offer, which we could call Podcasts +, would offer exclusive podcasts. Apple would then position itself head-on against Spotify or even Amazon. The first bet everything on podcasts, buying ruby ​​on the nail from producers like The Ranger and podcasts (including that of Joe Rogen, very popular in the United States). The second was recently offered the services of studio Wondery for $ 300 million.

The podcast industry is closely linked to Apple. It is thanks to iTunes and the iPod that podcasts were able to take off and become the social phenomenon we know today. And which whets the appetites of advertisers and advertisers, by the way. Apple’s podcast directory is still the most popular and extensive. It has been several months now that the rumor has rumored about the intention of the manufacturer to build a paid offer (read: Apple hunts talent for original podcasts).


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