“Apple” is preparing to launch “iPhone 13 Pro” .. Learn about its advantages

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Apple is preparing to launch its “iPhone 13 Pro” phone, with an interesting feature, as the upcoming iPhone model contains a new ultra-wide lens that features autofocus.

The feature of the new lens includes the “iPhone 13 Pro” model only – which is expected to be released this year – while the rest of the “iPhone” phones will wait until 2022 to enjoy this feature..

The iPhone 12 Pro Max, the current flagship of Apple, features a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera, which provides a fixed-focus lens.f / 2.4, which works well in testsDxomarkAlthough the quality of the ultra-wide lens is significantly lower than that of the main lenses and telephoto lenses ofiPhone.So it’s no surprise that Apple is considering making some serious improvements in this area.

Ultra-wide lenses – especially those with smaller apertures like the iPhone 12 Pro Max – usually provide a wide range of visual field; This means that a large part of the photographed scene is rendered with acceptable clarity, and all objects near and far look sharp without the need for any focus adjustments..

However, increasing the number of pixels or switching to a wider aperture can reduce this effect significantly. This means that you have to choose precisely which parts of the scene you want to keep using the phone’s autofocus capability إمكانية.

Autofocus can also help Apple reduce the ultra-wide lens’ minimum focus distance, allowing close-up shots to be taken..

The iPhone 12 Pro Max’s main camera provides extremely fast and accurate autofocus, so any autofocus capability added to the ultra-wide lens will have high expectations..

This means that any significant improvements that will come in the camera will be welcome, especially with the disappointment of expectations in the features offered in the “iPhone 13”, so perhaps we will get a smaller incremental update for the “iPhone 12s” this year, instead of the “iPhone 13” that we were Hopefully it has better features.

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