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Search Tags

Already in the App StoreApproximately 2 million apps releasedHowever, it is reported that the US store is testing tags for new features that make the app easier to find.

Rice for the past few weeksMacRumors ForumOn Twitter and Twitter, there are many reports that tags were displayed after searching for popular keywords such as “photos” and “wallpapers” on the App Store. For example, searching for “photos” will bring up “collage”, “editor” or “storage”.

If you tap these tags, the search results will be curated accordingly. For example, if you search for “photo” and then select “collage”, you will be narrowed down to collage creation apps. In some cases, it is reported that you can select the second tag after narrowing down.

At the moment, the tag is displayed only for some iPhone users, and most of them are running iOS 14.5 beta, but some people say that it was seen in iOS 14.4.2, so on the server side of the App Store It is also guessed to be a change. If so, it may eventually be available not only in the latest and beta versions of iOS, but also in past versions.

IOS 14.5, due out this spring, has been in beta testing since early February and is up to beta 7 this week.Tim Cook alsoPromises that the official version will be delivered within “a few weeks”It has been done, and it should be almost certain that it will be released in April.Face recognition Unlock the iPhone with the mask masked, I would like to expect that the search on the App Store will be speedy.



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