Apple launches its new headphones, the Studio Buds

The “Beats” product line is not dead.

If Airpods are popular, Apple has no intention of releasing its Beats brand. The American giant is marketing new wireless headphones. Buds Studios present themselves as an alternative to Airpods Pro. They integrate active noise cancellation, offer a “transparency” mode to avoid accidents in the street and come with a charging box.

Buds Studios boast 5 hours of battery life with active noise cancellation enabled. This autonomy increases to 8 hours when the function is deactivated. The case provides two full charges. It is therefore quite possible to go on vacation for a week without having to recharge them.

Besides their very colorful design, Studio Buds can also count on their performance to seduce. They carry two microphones. Each earpiece also has an 8.2mm transducer. The sound quality is, according to Apple, bluffing. However, it is difficult to say for the moment whether the Studio Buds are doing better than the Airpods Pro.

The two products also share several features with spatial sound support, instant pairing and a micro-ventilation system that reduces the pressure of the headphones on the eardrums.

Price side, it will cost 149.95 € to acquire them. Studio Buds will be commercially available starting July 21.

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