Apple lawyer incites Epic CEO over monopoly accusation

(Bloomberg) – Apple Inc.’s attorney questioned the CEO of Epic Games Inc. to try to show that the iPhone maker, far from operating as a monopoly, helped give video game players options to play different games. platforms.

On the second day of an antitrust trial, the questioning of Epic CEO Tim Sweeney was aimed at weakening his company’s argument that Apple’s App Store is “a walled garden” that “traps” developers and imposes cumbersome conditions to users.

Apple Trial With Epic Threatens To Reveal App Store's Commission Bounty

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Apple Trial With Epic Threatens To Reveal App Store’s Commission Bounty

Tim Sweeney arrives at US District Court in Oakland, California on May 3.

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Apple attorney Richard Doren noted that users of his client’s iOS devices were already able to play on different hardware platforms before Sweeney complained to Sony Corp. in an email that friendships forged by playing Fortnite – a video game of the “battle royale” genre, or real battle, between several participants – they were seeing themselves “distanced” because Sony did not allow multiplatform gaming. PlayStation allowed cross-platform play in 2018.

Similarly, Apple allows gamers to use Epic’s in-game virtual currency purchased on other platforms when playing on iOS devices, but Sony, which has also invested in Epic, does not allow it, Doren said.

“Sony finally accepted cross-platform gaming, but has never agreed to transact with currencies from other platforms, is that correct?” Asked Doren. “Yes,” Sweeney said.

The trial taking place before a federal judge in Oakland, California, is the first test of the broader repercussions that Apple is facing – with billions of dollars in online revenue – from global regulators and some app developers who say that their App Store standard fee of 30% and other policies are unfair and selfish.

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Apple Lawyer Needles Epic CEO to Punch Holes in Antitrust Claims

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