Apple likes hardware, software and services to meet

When financial conference yesterday Tim Cook was invited to provide an overview of how Apple assesses opportunities to enter new markets in the near future.

Tim Cook a refuse to provide specific details, but gave an overview of what Apple considers when making a decision regarding new product development:

“The framework on which the decision turns is’ is this a product that we would like to use? “. The standard is quite high. The second question is, “Is this a large enough market to enter?” And then, everything revolves around the customer experience.

There is no precise way to make individual decisions. No formula. But we take all of these things into account. “

Cook added that Apple loves working on products where hardware, software, and services are needed: “We believe that magic only really happens with this cross. “

Finally, the CEO explained that Apple still has growth opportunities for its current product portfolio:

“I think we have great opportunities there, and if you look at our current product portfolio, we still have a relatively small share in a number of cases and in very large markets. We believe that we have great potential in hardware and also in the service area, which we have been working on for some time with the aim of achieving better results. “

While Tim Cook has not shared any details, there are long-standing rumors that an AR / VR headset could debut between 2022 and 2023. Additionally, Apple could bring together software, hardware, and services with a product likeApple Car. For now, the Apple car has nothing concrete yet, but rumors suggest a release around 2027/2028.

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