Apple M1 and iPhone 12: full of exclusive content for Club iGen!

It had been a few pairs of years since we had talked so much about the Mac! After the feeling of abandonment – largely fueled by Apple’s inertia and Intel’s mistakes of recent years – that many Apple computer enthusiasts have felt, the Mac M1 are causing a certain euphoria. Who will complain?

Certainly not us, nor (hopefully) the members of the đź‘‘ Club iGen ! Our subscribers had a lot of exclusive articles to get under their eyes to discover these new machines and their brand new architecture, starting of course with the tests and getting started:

While waiting for our test of the Mac mini M1 which should not be long any longer, our subscribers can learn more about the heart of the reactor, that is to say this new chip adorned with all the finery. An essential reading before moving into the new world, and also to measure the work accomplished by Apple.

The Apple news in recent weeks isn’t just the Mac. We have also published our tests of the new iPhones. Here too, you have to dive into it to make your choice!

Phew. And if all that was not enough, the news has also taken sideways:

Impossible to finish this little overview of the exclusive content of the Club without citing this Homeric fight which put the editorial ‘on fire and blood: then the HomePod mini, he is mini or he is not mini ?!

Club iGen: content and more

You got it, the đź‘‘ Club iGen, it’s quite a few exclusive articles reserved for subscribers. But that’s not its only advantage! The Club is also:

  • a dedicated website, without advertising or tracking;
  • extensive personalization to take advantage of all our content;
  • filters for tailored content;
  • ad-free iOS and Android apps (and a really cool tvOS app!);
  • synchronization of reading and bookmarks between all platforms.

The iGen Club is also a way for us to be less dependent on advertising and to gain independence. It also gives us the means to explore new formats, such as the Kernel Panic podcast! The subscription costs € 4.99 per month or 45 € per year (3 months free). A low income formula at € 22.50 is also available.


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