Apple M1 review: a slap in the face for the inventor of the processor

For its Apple Silicon Macs, Apple has created a new system on a chip (SoC) based on the Apple A14, its chip dedicated to iPhone and iPad. The Apple M1 is not yet officially available, the first Macs will not be released until next week, but the chip has already been talked about with performance measures which puts it ahead of almost all Intel Macs available today.

While these results may be surprising, this is not the case withAnandTech who published the same evening of the keynote his full review of the Apple A14. Like every year, the site was able to measure very precisely the progress made by Apple with its in-house processor and the performance gains brought about by the update. And when we know that this smartphone chip exceeds the best Intel portable processor of the moment, the first Geekbench scores of the Apple M1 are not surprising.

While waiting to be able to test the Apple Silicon Macs and check what they have in their stomachs, the analysis ofAnandTech is valuable in understanding why Apple chose to switch to its own ARM chips. And have a pretty good idea of ​​what can be expected from Macs with Apple M1.


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