Apple ordered to issue a charge to the buyer of the iPhone 12 for free

Apple’s decision to remove the charger from the box iPhone 12 as expected, it was received extremely negatively. And when the company announced that the charger would not ship with older iPhones still on sale, it was bombarded with various lawsuits and complaints. And it worked: for example, in France they achieved what they obliged Apple send wired headphones separately (which were also removed from the kit) for iPhone buyers. The Brazilian consumer protection regulator went further and fined Apple in March this year for not putting the charger in the box with new iPhones. Now the local court, on the complaint of one customer, ordered the corporation give her a free charge for the recently purchased iPhone 12.

Charge iPhone

The customer defended her right to free charging in court

Free charger for iPhone 12

The plaintiff’s lawyer argued that Apple is forcing users to purchase the charger separately. According to the prosecution, caring for the environment is good, but Apple is disingenuous and hides behind it in order to sell chargers for an additional fee. As a result, the court agreed with the arguments of the plaintiff and ordered Apple to supply the free charger within 10 days. For each day of delay, the company will pay $ 38 (in total, no more than $ 950), writes GizChina.

Not to say that this is a lot of money for Apple, since the company every second earns about 7 thousand dollars… But the main thing here is not so much the size of the fine as the precedent set by the Brazilian authorities. Now nothing prevents the owner of an iPhone from another country (including Russia) from suing and demanding a free charging adapter. It is not a fact that the claim will be satisfied, but the courts often side with consumers, not large corporations.

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Why iPhone comes with no charging

Apple justified the disappearance of the charging adapter from the iPhone box on the grounds that the company wants to reduce its carbon footprint and thus its environmental impact. The truth is, the company can actually carry twice as many iPhones as before on a single plane by reducing the size of the box.

Тем самым Apple, кстати, неплохо экономит на логистике.

In addition, Apple says there are already billions of iPhone chargers in the world, and users already have them.

But many, including in Brazil and in our Telegram chatdisagree with Apple’s claim that everyone who buys an iPhone has deposits of old adapters. Who are they all? Having bought a new iPhone, most Brazilians sell the previous one, this is not a very rich country. Together with the box, charger and documentation. The demand for older iPhones in Brazil is consistently high. Those who buy iPhone for the first time don’t have a lot of old adapters.

The environmental issue is also controversial here. Now, less cardboard and plastic is spent on packaging, and more devices fit into the cargo compartments of planes and ships, which is great. But! The packaging of the separately purchased network adapters also consumes cardboard and plastic, and they also take up space in the cargo compartments. Moreover, for their separate packaging more plastic (potential debris) than before.


So Apple supplies headphones separately in France. Doesn’t sound like an environmental concern

Obviously, now many buyers in Brazil can follow this customer’s example and sue Apple. There is also the possibility that the country will pass the law, according to which the corporation will not be able to sell the iPhone without charging. In this case, Apple will have only two options: bad – to obey the law; and very bad – to leave the state of São Paulo, where a fifth of the country’s population lives and the highest iPhone sales in Brazil. And in this country Apple has biggest iPhone sales throughout South America.

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