Apple reportedly cut iPhone 12 mini production

The affordable model of the iPhone 12 would have a hard time winning over Apple aficionados.

According to several analysts, the new batch of iPhones would meet with greater success than expected. High-end models would be particularly sought after, unlike the mini model which would be rather shunned by consumers.

A new report also indicates that Apple would have reduced by two million units the production of iPhone 12 mini in favor of the iPhone 12 Pro.

By doing so, Apple would try to increase its production capacity of iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max while avoiding ending up with too many unsold iPhone 12 mini. This would also allow it to meet the particularly strong demand for the two top-of-the-range models. Since the presentation of its new smartphones, Apple would indeed encounter difficulties in ensuring its orders.

The favorable results concerning the success of high-end Apple smartphones must still be tempered. Most analyzes are based solely on delivery times posted on Apple’s site, a science that is far from accurate. In addition, the health crisis certainly still plays a role in the delays in production and delivery today.

In any case, analysts agree that the iPhone 12 mini is a real flop. Some already argue that the brand’s next flagship could make a cross on a mini model.

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