Economy Apple rewards "hacker" with 75 thousand dollars

Apple rewards “hacker” with 75 thousand dollars


Technology sites have reported that Apple paid a hacker $ 75,000 to uncover loopholes that enabled him to access the camera on devices the company makes.

And the hacker took advantage of Ryan Bicrin’s three of the seven vulnerabilities he discovered in operating systems, to access any camera on the iPhone or iPad.

A report published by “Forbes” said that Bikrin found at least seven holes that enabled him to successfully penetrate the cameras using only three of them.

The vulnerabilities allowed him to infiltrate any iOS device.

The pirate received his award within the Apple Rewards Program in exchange for finding a bug in its systems.

According to the report, in December 2019, Bikrin started his attempts to penetrate the Safari browser on iOS and Mac-OS systems, to discover any strange behaviors in the software, especially with regard to camera security.

Within his attempts, the hacker was able to reach a mechanism to trick the user into entering harmful sites on his device, which would facilitate infiltration.

Bikrin piracy was not limited to the camera, as it was able to access the microphone also.

“My research revealed seven vulnerabilities … only three of which were used to access the camera / microphone,” says Bikrin.

After the vulnerabilities were revealed, Apple immediately remedied the defect and closed the camera’s vulnerabilities within a few weeks.

Apple launched a “Safari 13.0.5” update to avoid vulnerabilities.

Apple introduced the system with additional modifications on March 24 by updating the “Safari 13.1”.

And while Bikrin received a $ 75,000 prize, Apple is offering up to $ 1.5 million in rewards for anyone who can find extremely dangerous gaps.

“I really enjoyed working with the Apple Product Safety team as I report these problems,” says Bikrin.

“The new rewards program will of course help secure products and protect customers,” he added.



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