Apple says Epic is taking Fortnite players hostage

Apple added a little spade or two against Epic Games in a new document aiming to counter-attack the publisher of Fortnite who is calling for California justice the restoration of battle royale in the App Store. The first salvo was scathing, the second is no less (read: Apple wants to recover the pennies generated by Fortnite with its alternative payment system).

The manufacturer believes that Epic has ” started a fire, poured gasoline on it, and now asks the court for emergency help to put out the fire “. While the easiest for the publisher would be to submit Fortnite with the payment system from the App Store (and only that one), in short, to comply with the rules, to find its place on the shelves of the store. Instead, Epic ” takes its own clients hostage In order to gain a business advantage. The publisher is looking to wrest Apple’s ability to create an alternative iOS store, which won’t happen (read: Epic: Apple gives its side of the story).

Treacherous, Apple observes that the popularity of Fortnite plunged by 70% between October 2019 and July 2020. Epic would have engineered all this incredible story for ” invigorate interest [des joueurs] for fortnite In other words, it would be a stupid publicity stunt. In its document, Apple explains that according to figures provided by Epic, only 10% of players practice the battle royale on iPhone. According to Apple, Epic is seeking in this matter to gain the sympathy of the users (you only have to see the #freefortnite campaign on social networks).

The hearing regarding Epic’s injunction request is scheduled for the end of the month.


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