Apple says goodbye to expensive AIO

Apple has announced the discontinuation of iMac Pro. The one who was at the time the “Most Powerful Mac Ever Made”It will only be available while supplies last and only the base version will be offered with no possibility of other hardware options.

We will not miss it. Aimed at publishing or creative professionals seeking maximum computing power in an ‘all-in-one’ design, its base price of 5,000 euros, which fully equipped could reach 15,000 euros, left it out of massive sales. Pure technology, but at an enormous cost that few could afford and those who could afford it surely opted for a standard workstation.

Apple goes without saying that sales have been tepid and says the latest 27-inch iMac updated in 2020 with the latest Intel processors and AMD Radeon Pro graphics is the preferred choice for most professional iMac customers today. Also, those who need more power can always jump to the Mac Pro.

Goodbye to iMac Pro: all set for new iMac

The discontinuation of the iMac Pro won’t be the last we see at Apple, considering the company is in the process of completely transforming its line of computers with a complete hardware architecture change from Intel x86 to ARM.

He began last November applying the ‘silicon’ treatment to two MacBook laptops and the Mac mini and the strategy will continue to reach the entire catalog in three years, affecting, of course, the iMac. A very attractive format for those looking for these ‘all in one’ AIOs, which add the screen and the hardware in the same machine, achieving really attractive desktop computers.

The latest rumors speak of internal and external changes. Internal for the use of ARM processors and external with an industrial design similar to that of the Apple Pro Display XDR monitor, but with a much cheaper price. The new iMac is expected to have a much smaller bezel than current iMac and se suggests that the back of the iMac would be flat, rather than arched, and that the look would be closer to the aforementioned Pro Display XDR monitor.

iMac Pro

Another novelty would be the return of color. They won’t be as spectacular as the original iMacs with their transparent backs, but like the classic 1998 iMac, there is talk that the all-in-ones will be delivered in a variety of colors, including new shades like green or blue.

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