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Apple seeks to develop its own smart car

International press reports revealed that the American company, “Apple”, is currently seeking to develop its highly anticipated smart car separately from the rest of the other companies, to avoid repeated delays in launching its promising project.

A report published on the “Times News Now” website indicated that Apple is currently working on developing its smart electric car without any help from car manufacturers, as it had previously planned.

The factories dedicated to manufacturing iPhone phones are currently working on designing the promising electric car and selecting suppliers of final spare parts for the project.

And Apple actually hired former engineers with the German company “Mercedes”, who specialize in mass production of vehicles, steering, dynamics, software and project management.

It commissioned other engineers to design the new car, which will be called “Apple Car”, to launch its smart car between 2025 or 2027 approximately.

Al was surprised by the departure of Doug Field, the current head of the Apple electric car project, to the American company “Ford” to take the position of head of the company’s advanced technology and integrated systems sector, which made her convinced of the idea of ​​​​designing her car independently from other companies.

Source: Sputnik


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