Apple tests Macs with M2 Max and “M2 Ultra” ahead of WWDC23

2023-06-01 01:03:18

A Apple is testing two new Macs high performance, reported the journalist Mark Gurman in terms of Bloomberg. Given the proximity of WWDC23everything indicates that such machines will be announced at the event — which would corroborate Gurman’s own recent rumor that Apple will present new computers at its annual conference for developers.

The first computer, codenamed Mac14,3is equipped with a processor M2 Max which has 12 CPU coresCentral processing unitor central processing unit.”>1 (8 high performance and 4 efficiency) and 30 GPU coresGraphics processing unitor graphics processing unit.”>2 — the exact same specs found on the MacBook Pros with the M2 Max chip released earlier this year. The computer has 96GB of memory and runs macOS Ventura 13.4.

The second desktop, called internally Mac14,4has a chip “M2 Ultra” which has 24 CPU cores (16 high performance and 8 efficiency) 60 graphics cores. Offering twice the performance of the M2 Max, it has different memory configurations (64GB, 126GB and 192GB).

According to Gurman, this processor would have been designed to equip the future Mac Pro, but everything indicates that it will not be the turn of the last Mac to feature Intel chips to face a processor from Apple itself, since it is treated internally with the code name Mac14,8.

Therefore, if it follows the pattern of the current line, the “M2 Ultra” will arrive equipping an upgrade of the Mac Studio — which is currently the only line of computers from the company to feature the M1 Ultra processor, introduced at the beginning of last year.

According to Gurman, the two new computers will arrive to broaden the appeal of Macs among professionals. Launching on a WWDC would also be a way to hook developers who rely on these machines to program their applications.

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