Apple to pay $ 113 million to 30 US states

$ 113 million: that’s the amount Apple has accepted, Wednesday, November 18, to pay to a coalition of thirty American states, in the case of slowed down iPhone which had caused a stir a few years ago.

It all started in 2017, when many iPhone owners noticed a drop in the performance of their device. The suspicions fall on Apple, quickly accused of secretly restricting certain old models in order to encourage users to invest in a more recent model. Faced with the scale of the controversy, Apple eventually reacted and admitted to having discreetly updated the software of the iPhone 6, 7 and SE to slow down the speed of the processor. But not to encourage consumption, she defends herself: the company explains having wanted to protect the aging batteries of these devices, to avoid any risk of overheating and a sudden shutdown.

An argument that was not enough to convince 33 American states or the District of Colombia, which jointly attacked the company, believing that Apple had deceived its customers and should have replaced the batteries or communicated on this problem. To avoid a lawsuit, Apple finally agreed to pay them the sum of $ 113 million. In another procedure, launched this time by consumers, Apple had already agreed to pay up to $ 500 million in order to end the lawsuits.

Apple denies any wrongdoing

« My colleagues and I are trying to get the attention of these big tech companies, with the hope that a multi-million dollar judgment involving over 30 states would get their attention. Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said to the Reuters news agency. « Businesses can’t be dishonest and cover things up “, he added. Apple, which, for its part, denied any wrongdoing, has not yet wished to communicate on the agreement.

In addition to the financial payment, Apple has agreed for the next three years to provide “ truthful information On iPhone power management on its website. The agreement reached by the two parties has yet to be approved by the courts.

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