Apple unveils new, more powerful MacBook Pros, with in-house chips

Posted on Oct 18, 2021, 9:34 PM

Apple continues to unveil its latest innovations at an accelerated pace. After the new iPhone 13, unveiled last month, the Californian firm is renewing its range of MacBook Pro, its high-end laptops. These will be equipped with new generation chips which are, according to Tim Cook, “by far the most powerful that we have ever created”.

Last year, Tim Cook’s company revealed that its three most popular models (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini desktop computers) would be fitted with in-house chips. This choice resulted in excellent sales – $ 26 billion in revenue in nine months. But the M1 chip, launched last year, was not good enough for the most high-end computers. Apple is now looking to repeat this success with two new chips.

Two very high-end computers

The new computers, aimed at a professional audience, will retail for $ 1,999 for the MacBook Pro and $ 2,499 for the MacBook Max. The first is equipped with a chip called M1Pro, whose performance is 70% better than that of the M1 chip, unveiled last year.

The second computer will be equipped with M1Max chips, with even higher performance. This will notably result in faster download speed, 64 gigabit memory instead of 32 for the Pro, and better graphics.

New cycle

The two chips developed by Apple should “be a game-changer” for Apple, commented Dan Ives, analyst at Wedbush. They are part of a cycle of renewal of Apple products, which began with the iPhone 13. With these new computers, the firm of Tim Cook could, according to him, “convince more than 30% of MacBook users to buy new generation computers this year ”.

Apple customers can order the computers today. These will be available for sale next week. These quick turnaround times show that the California-based firm has been successful in securing its semiconductor supply, which is far from obvious in the midst of a global crisis.


Apple chose to go back on certain innovations that had not convinced its customers. The new computers will thus benefit from several input ports, including the HDMI port and the SD card port. This eliminates the need for external adapters. The screen will be larger, with a notch where the camera is located, like on the iPhone.

The Californian firm has also given up on the Touch Bar, a touch screen strip located above the keyboard, in favor of mechanical keys. Finally, Apple is reintroducing the MagSafe, its magnetic charger that had disappeared from the latest versions of MacBook.

Headphones reviewed and corrected

The Californian firm also took advantage of this conference to present its new AirPods, which have been the subject of many rumors. The third generation of these wireless headphones will be equipped with “spatial audio” technologies, giving the impression that the sound is coming from different places in the room.

Finally, Apple also presented new colors for its HomePod Mini connected speakers, which will be available in yellow, orange and blue, as well as a discounted subscription for its Apple Music music streaming service. The latter will be available at $ 4.99 per month, instead of ten for most of its competitors.

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