Apple Watch S8 is said to be equipped with a body temperature sensor to determine whether you have a fever | Apple News | Apple Daily

Apple Inc. is expected to launch the next-generation Apple Watch S8 this fall, and it is rumored that it will be equipped with a temperature sensor. In the latest report of “Bloomberg” senior reporter Mark Gurman, he reconfirmed that as long as Apple passes the internal test conditions, the Apple Watch S8 will be equipped with a temperature sensor, and it will also be configured on the new enhanced version of the Apple Watch for extreme sports. , as for the relatively affordable Apple Watch SE 2.

Used as a body temperature sensor on wearable devices, just like the blood oxygen sensor and ECG electrocardiogram already configured on the Apple Watch, it needs to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, and Apple cannot claim its medical use, but can only be used as a health reference data usage. According to Mark Gurman, the new temperature sensing feature of the Apple Watch S8 will not give a specific number, but will inform the user that they are in a fever state and recommend seeking medical assistance.

Aside from body temperature sensing, the Apple Watch S8 may not have much to offer on other hardware changes, Gurman said. He previously reported that the Apple Watch S8 will use the same processor as the previous generation, and the Apple Watch S7 processor is the same as the S6, which means that the Apple Watch will face two consecutive generations of unupdated processors. Also worth mentioning is that there are claims that the Apple Watch S8 display will be upgraded. (Huang Zilun/Comprehensive Report)ˊ

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