Apple Watch Series 6: Apple makes an unforgivable French mistake on its English site

What is more difficult than watchmaking? French, no doubt. In any case, that’s what Note Gizmodo by digging through the references of the Apple Watch Series 6 on the US Apple site, where l’Apple Watch Hermès proudly proclaims to be adorned with a deployment buckle, literally “deployable loop”.

Nothing shocking, you will tell me? Unhappy! This ignores the fact that the correct term for this type of mechanism is “folding clasp”, or deployant buckle in English, which keeps the French word as it is. This unforgivable linguistic blunder, Apple also avoids on his french page… but was already committing it in 2014 in the video presentation of the first Apple Watch, from Sir Jony Ive himself. Enough to give a cold sweat to all watch enthusiasts.


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