Apple Watch Series 6 on sale for less than 365 euros on Rakuten

Just before the sales, the Apple Watch Series 6 is less than 365 euros on Rakuten. Smart, connected, beautiful, the Apple Watch Series 6 will do a lot more than tell you the time.

Meet the Apple Watch Series 6

Promotions are falling like snow in France. And we are not talking about promotions on a kilo of banana or kiwi, but on a kilo … of apple. To be forgiven for the nullity of this joke, we are going to share with you this good plan on the Apple Watch Series 6. The star connected watch of the Apple brand is less than 365 euros.

Apple Watch Series 6: Apple’s connected watch for less than 365 euros on Rakuten

Calculate your sporting achievements with the Apple Watch Series 6 Rakuten

We don’t stop technology anymore. Today, a watch does not only give the time, it does much more. Apple Watch Series 6 is 363.69 euros on Rakuten, an unbeatable price for the figurehead of connected watches. A watch, endless features:

Heart rate, sleep rate, sports data: with Apple Watch Series 6, your body has no secrets for you

Would miss more than making the coffee. The Apple Watch Series 6 has so many features that you’ll have fun testing them all when you hang it on your wrist. Let’s start with a rather simple but very practical function with the possibility of controlling your music remotely thanks to your connected watch. The Apple Watch Series 6 is the perfect gift for hypochondriacs around the world. It allows you to measure the level of oxygen in your blood thanks to a sensor and a revolutionary application. But also your heart rate with the ECG application which will allow you to access an electrocardiogram whenever you want.

Your sleep is also important and crucial for maintaining good physical and mental health. Thanks to its sleep application, the Apple Watch Series 6 will help you set up sleep routines and monitor the evolution of your sleep throughout the nights. And for sports fans, all possible data during physical activity will be accessible to you and will help you set training goals. And finally, and this is probably the most important, stay in touch with your loved ones thanks to the family configuration. You’ll be able to pair your Apple Watch Series 6 with your iPhone to always be in touch with the people you love.

Meet the Apple Watch Series 6

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