Apple Watch Series 8 leak reveals design evolution, hints at exciting new features

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Apple Watch Series 8: Leak reveals design evolution and hints at exciting new features. Getty Images

Since its first release in 2015, the Apple Watch has retained a distinctive and recognizable look. The update to a larger screen with the Series 4 was striking, and this year’s Series 7 introduced an even larger screen and slightly different curves. But what’s interesting is that a very different design had been announced, based on leaks that turned out to be unfounded. Would this new design be intended for 2022?

Apparently not. A new design disclosed by @LeaksApplePro shows a new Apple Watch which is definitely not Series 7, but looks very similar. In fact, the only noticeable difference is a redesigned speaker grille with one slot replaced by two. So what’s going on?

This new design is no surprise

Apple’s design evolution for the Apple Watch has been slow. Only two big changes (Series 4 and Series 7) in seven generations. So the prospect of Apple abandoning the current design after just a year seems fanciful.

The latest version relies on a significantly larger screen, which you notice every time you look at it.

These designs require years of development and huge costs. Such changes could never have seen the light of day in just a year.

What happens to the design we are talking about?

The design that never saw the light of day still exists. We have seen pictures, drawings, renderings and more. So, does Apple want to launch something that will look predictable? It seems that even though Apple had envisioned a flat-rimmed design for a future Apple Watch, now is the time to develop it to offer something entirely new and unexpected. Also, given that the footage has been seen, what would stop rival manufacturers like Oppo, OnePlus, or even Samsung from designing something very similar and getting ahead of Apple? After all, it’s harder to claim ownership of a design for something that has never been launched.

A glimmer of hope

The latest Apple Watch didn’t introduce any new sensors. Emphasis was placed on the new look and the benefits that come with it, such as increased durability and strength, as well as the design possibilities for cool new watch faces, like Contour, which exploit the screen surface. additional.

So if the rumors of an almost identical Series 8 are true, I think it’s a safe bet that it will have new sensors and new features, and that’s what Apple will be selling the next Watch. In other words, there will be some exciting new features on the Series 8, whether it’s the much-vaunted glucose monitoring or other health elements.

Which means ?

Apple, remember, is still playing the game for the long haul. Always. The introduction of Touch ID on the iPhone 5S was intriguing and welcome, but Apple knew it was there to enable Apple Pay a year later.

So if the bigger speaker isn’t just a rumor anymore, it could mean better voice calls, louder alarm and so on. Or it could indicate new features for fall detection that need better volume capabilities. And it is certain that a bigger speaker will not be right for the show. There will be something that will require its inclusion. As soon as we see it, we’ll say, of course, that it was obvious from the start. Even if it remains a mystery for the moment.

Everything will be revealed… in about 10 months!

Article translated from Forbes US – Author: David Phelan

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