Apple will launch a new iPad Pro: equipped with M2 chip to sell directly without a press conference_Apple will launch a new iPad Pro: equipped with M2 chip_core_added

Original title: Apple will launch a new iPad Pro: equipped with M2 chip without a conference to sell directly

Apple will launch a new iPad Pro: equipped with M2 chip, it will be sold directly without a conference

At the beginning of last month, Apple held a fall conference and officially launched new products such as the iPhone 14 series.

According to past practice, Apple will launch a new iPad and other products one month after the release of the new iPhone.

The famous reporter Mark Gurman also confirmed this recently, It is said that Apple will release new products in “a few days”, but the conference will no longer be held, but will be launched directly on the official website, and reservations will also be opened directly at that time.

The protagonist of this conference is naturally the new generation iPad Pro, which will be upgraded to Apple’s latest self-developed M2 chip this year.

The M2 is based on an improved TSMC second-generation 5nm process (the M1 uses TSMC’s first-generation 5nm process), and the number of transistors has increased by 25%, from 16 billion to 20 billion.

Its CPU core is an 8-core design, consisting of 4 high-speed cores + 4 high-efficiency cores, and the M2 adds 2 GPU cores compared to the M1.

In addition, the entry-level iPad 10 is also expected to be released at the same time. This time, it finally brings great changes in appearance and configuration. First of all, the appearance was replaced with a right-angle frame design, and the screen finally used full-fit technology.The display effect is better.

The core of the new machine will be upgraded to the A14 processor, and the interface will also be replaced by Type-C, but the price will still be relatively close to the people.Return to Sohu, see more


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