Apple would be considering using thinner logic boards in iPhones

2023-09-26 22:27:19

According to the MacRumorsApple has plans to introduce a new material on the printed circuit boards (PCB) of iPhones as early as 2024. Sources indicate that the company would be ready to use resin-coated copper sheets (RCC).

The main objective of this transformation is to reduce thickness across the company’s entire product line. By employing thinner PCBs, the company will be able to free up internal space for larger batteries, new components and new features.

There is an expectation that the change will occur in the “iPhone 16 Pro” and “iPhone 16 Pro Max”. This makes sense if we consider that, a few weeks ago, there were rumors that they should grow to 6.3 and 6.9 inches — compared to 6.1″ and 6.7″ for the current generation.

Additionally, buzz has circulated that the smaller Pro model could feature a camera system capable of achieving 5x optical zoom. Other rumors also suggest the introduction of a capacitive capture button.

The information is from an integrated circuit expert known for his track record of accuracy; everything was shared on the social network Weibo. He, for example, was one of those who predicted that the non-Pro iPhones 14 would maintain the A15 Bionic chip.

More recently, the same expert revealed that the “A17” chip in the “iPhone 16” and “iPhone 16 Plus” could be manufactured in a different process compared to the A17 Pro, used in the iPhones 15 Pro/15 Pro Max.

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