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Apple Inc. of the United States launched the iOS 15 update at WWDC21, bringing more powerful FaceTime features, focus mode, notification summary, etc. (Apple WWDC|iOS 15 pre-tested iPhone ten update highlights), and Apple is alsoOfficial support pageDetailed iOS 15 feature updates were released on the previous release, many of which were not mentioned in the press conference, but were quite useful. (Huang Zilun/Comprehensive Report)

1. FaceTime can now support switching the zoom function of the rear lens during a video call, so that you can better display the environment picture.

2. Use Siri to read aloud, which previously appeared in AirPods, but then also supports reading aloud in CarPlay.

3. If you are worried about the instability of the new system, users can maintain the iOS 14 without updating to iOS 15, and they can also get security updates.

4. When you switch from an old iPhone to a new iPhone, you can get a temporary free iCloud capacity, and the time limit is 3 weeks.

5. Through the updated Weather App, you can get notifications of rain, snow and other weather conditions, including when to start and stop.

6. When using smart home devices that support Homekit, you can set the time through Siri. For example, ask Siri to turn on the desk light at a time.

7. The EXIF ​​data can be viewed directly in the photo app, such as what camera and lens are used for shooting. And you can adjust the shooting time of the photo.

8. Slide down the focus search bar on the screen of the mobile phone, it can also be used when the screen is locked.

9. Just like a computer, you can drag and paste files between apps. For example, select and hold a photo from the right hand of the photo app, and then pull out the mail app with your left hand and paste it.

10. E-mails can also be added to the widget page, it is more convenient to view instant messages.


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