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At the opening conference of WWDC21, Apple Inc. released iOS 15 and other operating system updates, and opened the developer test version to download. It is expected that the public beta version will be available for public experience next month, and the official version will be pushed after the fall. “” reporters also actually downloaded the iOS 15 developer beta, and showed readers what iPhone updates will be after the fall.

FaceTime can make video links, microphone voice enhancement, portrait blurring screen, etc.

The newly added features of FaceTime this time include the ability to create video links, SharePlay sharing, microphone voice enhancement, and portrait blur processing. The actual sharing video link can be directly added to the contact and sent by various methods such as messages or emails. Tested with an Android phone Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, it can be opened in the web version of FaceTime, but after a few tries, it is still unable to be opened and used.

In FaceTime, you can pull down the control center menu, and the “video effect” and “microphone mode” will appear. In the video effect, you can turn on or off the portrait effect. You can find the dynamic effect of the background blur is accurate, and in the microphone mode, you can Choose “Voice Isolation” to preserve clear human voice, or “Broad Spectrum” to accommodate ambient sound.

As for SharePlay sharing, the first version of the current developer test only found the “Share My Screen” option, including the ability to share Apple Music, Apple TV+ and even third-party streaming platforms mentioned at the press conference that have not yet appeared.

Message has Share with you function, photos can also be stacked

In the message function, when multiple photos sent by a contact are received, they are no longer displayed in a grid mode, but are processed by stacking photos. You can view the photos by sliding, and you can click on the photo to enter, and you can single or grid It’s more convenient to view in a similar way.

On Share with you, when you receive a web link or Apple Music, Apple Podcast and other music program recommendations from the other party, even if you don’t see the follow-up in the first place, you can still view it in the corresponding Safari and other apps. If you actually receive the shared webpage link, you can see that the “Shared with you” column pops up on Safari. In addition to being able to quickly view it, you can also directly click to reply to the sender.

Add memory fusion function to photos, support Apple Music background music

In the part of the photo, the Memory Mixes function has been added. When you open the “Recommended for you” field, you can choose a variety of different filters, and there will be corresponding soundtrack recommendations. It can also support the background music support of Apple Music. Choose your favorite music to play.

Notification summary can be scheduled

The notification function also incorporates the Notifications Summary summary schedule function. After the setting point is selected, open the summary schedule, and you can set which apps to include in the summary schedule. And these included apps can schedule the frequency of sending the summary every day. For example, in the case of twice a day, you can further schedule the time for these two pushes. You can schedule up to 12 pushes a day. The time setting can be used Minute count.

New focus mode

Focus Mode can be turned on in the settings or in the control center. After entering, there are 5 preset options, including the existing do not disturb mode, fitness, personal, work, sleep, etc., and you can also customize the mode in various states .

The common function is to allow in the selection mode, who can contact you, which apps will pop up the notification, and you can also turn on the “Time-sensitive notification” option. When the system detects the notification, for example, the take-out order has been processed, etc. Messages can still be sent.

Specific functions are like fitness options in focus mode, which can be set to automatically turn on fitness options in focus mode when the fitness training app is turned on; or when it is a work option, the iPhone will detect your fixed time and location at work to “smart” Enable”, or customize the exact opening time.

In addition, in the focused state, you can also choose to automatically reply when someone sends a message to show that you are in the focused mode. Do not disturb. However, the automatic reply function of the Chinese version has not been turned on.

More exquisite weather apps and maps

The weather App’s art design is more exquisite, which can be more clear and three-dimensional than the background animation design of iOS 14. In the lower left corner, you can open the weather quality monitoring map option. After opening, you can choose to view the temperature, rainfall, Air quality and other monitoring items, and you can long press on the map to add the location you want to monitor, but the current air quality monitoring map is not available in Taiwan.

The Map App also has a more exquisite art design. You can view the icons in a three-dimensional manner. However, Taiwan does not support it. However, if you actually search for the Golden Gate Bridge in the United States, you can see the three-dimensional shape of the bridge, the shadow on the river, and the bridge piers. To be lively.

New tab operations and groups in Safari

Safari bid farewell to the previous display interface where the tabs were placed at the top, and changed the tabs to the bottom to make it more convenient for one-handed manipulation. After clicking a tab, you can also set tab groups and add similar browsing pages to the same group. In the group, or you can quickly open the private browsing option.

The camera captures the original text of LIVE TEXT, edits directly, and makes a call

Smart Lens can now quickly capture text. After opening Apple’s native camera, aim at the text, and then press the capture button at the bottom right corner of the screen to quickly lock it and directly select the text in the screen with your finger. The actual shooting is in English and Chinese, and the capture rate is 100% correct.

After selecting, you can copy, query, translate and other functions. In addition, after copying the text, you can put the memo and select “Text from the camera”. At this time, the memo will be divided into two windows. The bottom is the camera text capture screen. To facilitate further editing.

In addition, the original text can also be captured on the phone number and URL of the bill. After capturing, directly click the text on the screen to convert it into a call or link to the URL, which is very convenient.

Health App can be shared, join walking stability monitoring

The health app can now estimate the user’s walking stability, including the walking speed, step length, foot support time, and walking asymmetry data stored in the iPhone, and use calculations to evaluate the walking stability. What is behind it is An indicator of the risk of a fall in the next 12 months.

This function can only be used with iPhone, and Apple Watch does not support it. It can be used when the iPhone is placed in a pocket or waist-hung leather case. Therefore, it cannot be accurately measured in a bag, and the risk indicators of walking stability will be timed. Notify users through push notifications.

In addition, the data captured in the current health app can also be shared with other people. You can share up to 3 contacts. You are not limited to members of the family sharing group, allowing relatives and friends to control your health status. For the caregivers of long-term care institutions, it is equivalent to an extra weapon.

Focused search can search photos with text

iOS 15 has also added a focused search function, and can search for text and even type images in photos through LIVE TEXT and AI technology. Actually scroll down the search bar on the main screen, enter the photo first, and the photo column will pop up at the bottom. Tap a photo from the App, and the search bar will pop out of the photo column at the front, and type food will run out of the food photo.

Then randomly type in a word “中”, and a screenshot with the word “中” came out. However, in actual operation searching for multiple information, such as searching for the color red, there are fewer photos that pop up, or searching for animals and cats but not found. Presumably, we still have to wait for more and more search data to expand the AI ​​search capabilities.

Finally, WWDC21 also included a more complete privacy update plan, including iCloud will be upgraded to iCloud+. In the privacy page set, a new menu to record App activities has been added, which can record which phones each App has used. Information such as microphone, camera, location, etc., when was it used, and how long it was used. (Huang Zilun/Comprehensive Report)


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