AppleCare + monthly plan now available in Germany and UK

Since September 2019, Apple propose U.S. consumers to pay for AppleCare + coverage for their products not all at once, but on a monthly basis. Once again, this is a subscription (without commitment), but this one is interesting for two reasons: it smooths the price of the service over time and the protection continues as long as you pay. The device thus remains protected beyond the 24 to 36 months of the duration of a traditional AppleCare + contract paid in full.

Customers of the classic AppleCare + coverage can even subscribe for the monthly payment after the protection period has expired. The AppleCare + monthly plan is for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. If the customer can stop the subscription when he wants, this is also the case with Apple when the manufacturer will no longer be able to repair the device due to the unavailability of spare parts.

This formula has been extended to Canada, in Australia and Japan, and she now has achieved European shores: German and English customers can now subscribe to it. Not a word on France, but who knows.


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