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“Bloomberg” reported on Monday (23rd) that it revealed for the first time the details of Apple’s AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality) wearable device, which took 8 years to develop. It is expected to be launched as soon as this spring. Since Apple released the smart watch in 2015, it has expanded Apple’s new product line again.

The report pointed out that Apple plans to launch the first head-mounted device called Reality Pro this year, which is the first head-mounted device for AR/VR. “xrOS”.

This product uses Apple’s own M2 grade chip, called Reality processor, with Sony’s ultra-high-resolution screen, and will also be equipped with a series of lenses and sensors to ensure that people with short-sightedness, long-sightedness or low-sightedness can also use it.

It is predicted that Reality Pro will use Apple’s own M2 chip (picture: Appleinisder)

In terms of battery, the battery size of the new product is as large as two iPhone 14 Pro Max, and the estimated battery life is 2 hours.

The operating system xrOS is expected to use the iOS interface, but it is fully 3D, providing application functions such as Safari, Photos, Mail, Message, Calendar, and an App Store dedicated to Reality Pro.

Different from other Apple products, the biggest feature of this product is to control the device through eye tracking and gesture tracking. Fruit fans can use their hands in the air or track their eyes through sensors to perform command actions, select objects or lists.

Reality Pro is also similar to the function of Apple Watch. It can switch between VR and AR modes. In VR state, fans can be fully immersed in virtual content. After switching to AR state, fans will enjoy an immersive visual experience.

Even wearing Reality Pro, fans can still use FaceTime to conduct video conversations and present the user’s real face in VR. Under the high-speed computing requirements, this product currently only supports one-to-one calls.

Reaility Pro can also be used as an external monitor for Mac. Fans can see the macOS desktop, but it still requires a physical keyboard, Trackpad or mouse to operate Mac functions.

According to sources, this product will be launched as soon as this spring, although the time to market may still change.

Under this high-spec hardware condition, it is expected that Reality Pro will not be cheap, with a price of about 3,000 US dollars (approx.Taiwan dollar 90,923 yuan), twice the price of rival Meta Quest Pro ($1,499).

Inspired by this news, Apple (AAPL-US) rose 2.35 percent to $141.11 a share on Monday.

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