Apple’s high-end headset suffers from a condensation problem

Will the AirPods Max be entitled to a “sweating gate”? On Twitter, a user of the headphones recently launched by Apple complained, photo in support, of the formation of a significant amount of condensation under the pads of his headphones.

In his tweet, he explains that his AirPods Max suddenly had problems detecting the ears, even though he was using it quite normally, sitting at his desk. A real problem when the Apple helmet is not given to be resistant to humidity.

Our colleagues from WatchGeneration, who spotted this tweet, had also noticed some moisture on the ears after prolonged use of Apple’s headphones. After checking, they were also able to notice the formation of condensation under the pads of their helmet, during normal use, and indoors.

The problem, which was mentioned on Reddit, would be due to the heat given off by the user’s ears. By heating the air between the ears and the headphones, the temperature of the air in the headphones would be high enough to reach the dew point. A completely natural reaction therefore, which would be reinforced by the use of aluminum. While waiting for a reaction (or a solution?) From Apple, AirPods Max users have every interest in taking regular breaks to limit this phenomenon.

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Source : WatchGeneration

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