Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset: A $2,000+ ‘Game Developer’s Dream’

Will come out, won’t come out? The bets are in for Apple’s augmented/virtual reality headset. While many rumors had agreed on a launch in the fourth quarter, Mark Gurman cooled everyone this week: due to technical and thermal complications, the device could be postponed to 2023 ultimately.


But that does not prevent the snooper from Bloomberg to continue to distill details. In his newsletter Sunday, Gurman returns to the price of the device, the result of seven years of development, the integration of technologies not given, and also the maintenance of a good margin: internally, Apple would evoke a label ” over $2,000 “. We know that the product will be expensive, with the range moving between $1,000 and $3,000.

The manufacturer could justify this price by the technical sheet of the helmet: two chips, one of which is equivalent to the M1 Pro (with 14 to 16 graphic hearts), the various high definition screens (there would be three), an option for prescription lenses, as well as audio technologies and cameras.

Ming-Chi Kuo: the helmet of

Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple’s headphones would use the big power adapter of the 14″ MacBook Pro

A mixed reality headset is very nice, but for what? We believe we know thatApple rejected the idea of ​​a metaverse, then the manufacturer would rely heavily on video games – distributed in a dedicated App Store. That would make it ” a dream for game developers “. Apple is also interested in content, the company could work with studios to create videos and VR experiences. Finally, expect a surge of FaceTime and Animojis.

Gurman also makes some suggested names for the headset: Apple Vision, Apple Reality, Apple Sight (or iSight, as the belle epoque webcam), Apple Lens or… Apple Goggles, but the latter is perhaps too close to the name of a certain search engine.


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