Apple’s surprise announcement: an envelope to fight racism

Apple’s long-awaited “big announcement” did not hide any new products or services.

The Cupertino company has just announced the establishment of a new initiative for racial equity and justice within the company. An initiative that takes place in a very particular American national context. A few weeks ago, the United States was indeed the scene of numerous demonstrations against racism, following the death of Georges Floyd during a violent arrest.

As part of its new initiative “Racial Equity and Justice Initiative projects”, announced last June, Apple has released an envelope of $ 100 million for “ address systemic racism and advance racial equity nationally “. The objective of the American company is to ” dismantle systemic barriers to opportunity and address injustices faced by communities of color », But also to fight the injustices suffered by these people because of their ethnic origins.

At the same time, Apple also announced the creation of the “Propel Center”, a global center for innovation and learning. This center will offer programs, internships and mentoring opportunities. Later this year, Apple also plans to open an Apple Developer Academy in Detroit, which will be the first of its kind in the United States. ” The academy is designed to empower young black entrepreneurs, creators and coders, helping them develop the skills needed for jobs in the rapidly growing iOS app economy. », Details Apple on his website.

This is the big announcement that Apple had in store for the world. A few days ago, following an interview with journalist Gayle King, it was discussed thatApple makes “a big announcement”. While it was certain that this would not be the presentation of a new product, there was much speculation about this big announcement.

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